Entertaining a super cute puppy on the cheap

I haven’t had time to post much lately, mostly because our new puppy thinks that typing on a computer instead of scratching him or playing tug-of-war with his favorite rope toy is cause for biting my feet.

Pets, especially puppies, can be quite a financial commitment. Vet bills, kibble, toys and dog walkers all add up… fast. We were able to save a little in start-up costs by inheriting a crate from some good and generous friends.

With teething turning Kirby’s sole mission in life into chewing everything in sight, I didn’t want to spend a ton on toys yet. Plus, the aisles and aisles of stuff at the pet store is so overpriced. Keeping with the theme of this blog, here are some free or low-cost things we use to keep him entertained.

  • Frozen rags: Just soak, throw in the freezer and grab when needed. The chill makes his mouth feel better and by the time he gets tired of it, you can just throw it back in the ice box until it’s time for another round. You can also soak the rag in beef or chicken broth if you don’t mind that melting on your kitchen floor.


  • Carrots: Our breeder suggested this. Be warned: his poop will be a bit orange after chowing down one of these.

So much email

  • Computers: OK, that’s not really a good toy for a dog. Nor is it cheap. Moving on.
  • Ice cubes: Kirby loves to push an ice cube around the kitchen floor and lick it until it’s gone.  Just watch the pup closely to make sure he doesn’t slip and dislocate a joint.
  • THE KONG: These things are awesome, and you can usually find a small one for less than $5. I stuff it with cheese, peanut butter or pieces of Milkbone. Keeps his attention every time.
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