Splurge Alert! Lululemon comes to Sacramento

Lululemon is coming to Sacramento

Major budget buster incoming for local ladies (and guys) who like to work it while working out.

Lululemon athletica, home of the $98 yoga pants and $42 sports tanks, is coming to Sacramento.

I know, I know… what kind of fiscally responsible person would blow more than a monthly gym membership or 10-class yoga pass on an outfit to wear while feeling the burn?

Not me right now, but I can see a defense. It comes down to the same argument I use to justify my $160-a-month bootcamp bill (more on that later): if you spend it, you’ll shake it.

I rely heavily on my stash of mostly free T-shirts from high school clubs, college homecomings and rec sports leagues for my workout garb. Sure, they’re gross and full of holes, but they get the job done. And I can’t bear to give them up, so I might as well get some use out of my stack of shirts.

When it comes to buying higher-end stuff, try to strike a balance by buying yoga pants, running shorts and underarmor tees at discount racks, like the Marshalls over in Arden Arcade or the Folsolm outlet Nike store. I’m also a big fan of the sale rack in Target’s athletic section.

But feeling comfortable is important when it comes to building a workout routine. It’s not surprising to see athletes and gym rats splurge on high quality shoes — a good pair of kicks can help performance and make the workout feel and go better (while looking fly!). So if sporting some Lululemon shorts is going to get your butt out on the trail or to the gym, I say budget it in. If those pricey yoga pants will sit in your closet or stand in for pajama pants, pass it up.

What’s your approach? Do you spend or save when it comes to workout gear?

The store is holding an opening bash on Saturday with (likely healthy) snacks, tea tastings and yoga taught by awesome Sacramento teachers Anne Marie Kramer and Tyler Langdale.  Maybe a moment or two of zen will even give you some restraint when it comes to stocking up on new pants.

More info on the festivities, which appear to be free, is available on the store’s new Facebook page. 

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